Item# 7001
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Nice to meet you, my name is Bender. I am one of the rarest sea turtles on Earth since I am a Kemp’s Ridley. I had to be rescued in 2005 because I had become entangled and hit by a boat. I lost my front left flipper because of the entanglement and the boat strike caused me to have bubble butt syndrome. I am no longer able to survive in the wild so I am a permanent member of The Turtle Hospital family. I tend to be quite shy and like to hide at the bottom of my pool unless it’s time for my favorite snack, squid stuffed with shrimp! I could possibly be one of the oldest sea turtles at the hospital and can easily be identified by my light coloration which is how I earned my nickname “ghost turtle”. Have your camera ready if you are visiting my pool so if I do make an appearance at the surface you can get a picture before I disappear like a ghost.