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Hi friends, I am a green sea turtle named April. I was rescued April 1st, 1991 which is how I received my name. Iím actually a boy but they didnít know that when I was named. I had to be rescued because I was covered in tumors caused by a virus called fibropapilloma. Doctors at The Turtle Hospital removed all my tumors but the ones that had grown on my eyes were so bad that I had to have my right eye removed. I still have my left eye but the tumors damaged it very badly and I do not see very well out of that eye. Being almost completely blind means I would not be able to survive in the wild so now I call The Turtle Hospital home. I have learned how to navigate safely around my large saltwater pool and taught my caretakers a few tricks that help me get plenty of food. When you visit me you might even get a chance to see my unique ďApril danceĒ, when I spin in circles and bob my head up and down.