Happy Hatchlings

Happy Hatchlings
Item# 76203

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These adorable plush hatchlings accompany the "Happy Hatchling" book. Each hatchling is a character from the book but can be purchased separate from the book. They are attached to their egg and can be taken in and out. They measure approx 3 inches.

Nibbles has a purple shell and is always hungry & loves to eat new things!

Bump has a brown shell and may need you if he falls into a sandy footprint!

Zoom has a green shell and likes to race the other hatchlings to the sea!

Buzz has a blue shell and likes to surf the waves all day long!

Moonlight has a grey shell and loves to gaze at the moon & stars...and dream!

Star has a pink shell and wants to show you how well she can swim with her flippers!